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Licenses and Fees

Due date for all licenses is June 30th.  If you are a registered grower, your License Application will be mailed to you each year in the Spring.  Please submit your payment with the return of your application. Late fees will apply for those not paid by June 30th. All PGA licenses have an annual fee of $50.00.

Producer License

This license is required if you grow five or more acres of potatoes on one or more parcels of land in the Province of Alberta.

Greenhouse/Laboratory License

This license is required if you operate a greenhouse with yearly sales of $10,000 or more.

Packer/Dealer License

This license is required for all those who buy, package or sell any type of potato in the Province of Alberta regardless of the origin of the potatoes.  Producers who package their own potatoes, and sell these to retailers and restaurants directly, require both a Producer and Packer/Dealer License.   

Processor License

This license is required if you process potatoes, regardless of the origin of potatoes, from their raw or natural form by any means, including dehydration.

NOTE * If you operate in more than one capacity as a licensed producer, a dealer or processor, you are required to apply to the PGA for a license for each capacity.



Industry License: $50.00

This yearly license puts you on our mailing lists for all PGA events, The Potato Minute Newsletter, as well as invitations to all Breakfast and Area meetings. Industry Membership also gives you access to our Grower Membership Directory.  An Industry membership is available through the Alberta Potato Industry Association (APIA), an organization that works alongside the PGA for the benefit of the industry as a whole.    For APIA memberships please contact 403-223-3551 Ext. 400 and ask for Dave McLean.



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Service Charges

A licensed producer who sells potatoes must pay a service charge (or levy) to the PGA at these set rates:

Table Fresh - $25.00 per harvest acre
Certified Seed - $35.00 per harvested acre

Invoices are issued in December of the growing year and are based on Harvest Reports submitted to the PGA by the Grower. The amounts are due in 3 equal payments; Feb 15th, April 15th, and June 15th.

Process Potatoes - $0.07 for each 100 pounds of potatoes sold for processing.

Cull Potatoes - $0.02 for each 100 pounds of culled potatoes sold for processing.

These amounts are collected and submitted directly to the PGA by the Processor.

Greenhouse Potatoes – 0.75% of the annual gross income, sales or transfers arising out of the sale of potatoes from a facility or operation made up of one or more greenhouses or laboratories.

Download Greenhouse Service Charge – this amount is due annually by September

Details on the administration of Service Charges can be found in the Provincial Regulations by following this link.  PGA Marketing Regulations within the Provincial MAPPA Website

NOTE * If service fees are not paid in full, the PGA has the right to revoke your license which will prevent you from selling your potatoes to your customers legally.   All services offered by the PGA can be terminated for any grower not paying their services charges.



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