Growing Healthy Potatoes Together

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Mission and Goals

Vision Statement
“Growing Healthy Potatoes Together”

Mission Statement
“The PGA is a progressive, member-driven organization focusing on success and sustainability in Alberta's Potato Industry through leadership, engagement, collaboration and truly effective communication.”

Core Values

The PGA is a progressive organization based on the unity of our members.  We continually strive to enhance unity through member involvement and engagement. 

As a member-driven organization, we recognize the importance of trust, respect and transparency in all we do. 

Our members operate in an industry founded on tradition and impacted by change.  We support our members by focusing on enviornmental, economic, industry and grower sustainability. 

In order to be responsive to our members and proactive in addressing the challenges of the future, we strive to excel at servant leadership and collaboration. 

Communication is vital to all we do.  Through use of skills, technology and understanding we ensure that we communicat in a truly effective manner. 

Revised May, 2014

2015 Annual Report


2016 Annual Report - Celebrating 50 Years of Working and Growing Together

More on PGA's approach to sustainable production of quality Potatoes ~ by PGA Board of Director Chris Perry of Perry Produce 

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