Growing Healthy Potatoes Together

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Board of Directors

The PGA Board consists of seven members, two members elected from Alberta North; two members from Alberta South and three members elected at large. The term of office of a member is three years; A Chair and a Vice-Chair of the Board are elected from the members of the Board. A member is able to serve two consecutive terms of office. The Chairman and Vice Chairman will be elected at the next board meeting, December 7, 2017.

Board of Directors

Louis Claassen  (Director-at-Large)
Claassen Farms Ltd. 

Tony Bos (South Area Director)
Boston Farms Ltd.
Michel Camps (South Area Director)
CP Farms Ltd.
Jeff Ekkel (North Area Director)
Sunnycrest Seed Potatoes Inc.
Lyndon Nakamura (Director-at-Large)
Nakamura Farms Ltd.
Russ Van Boom (North Area Director)
North Bank Potato Farms Ltd.
James Bareman (Director-at-Large)
Bareman Farms Ltd.



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