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Potato Minute

Potato Minute for June 30th July 1st is once again upon us, marking the half way point of another year. As Canada is celebrating its 149th birthday, the PGA Team is reminding everyone that the big 50th Anniversary celebration is only 143 days away. If you have not already made more

Friday Facts

Growers Only Friday Facts for June 24thPGA Growers, past and present, are encouraged to get their history and recipes in by the JUNE 30th deadline for the 50th Anniversary history book. If you need any help, or are stumped on what to more

International Potato News

UPGC European Update July, 2016Three Points as of July 5th, 1. United States potato acreage estimate was released last week. Their acreage for fall harvest is down 8,800 acres or about 1.0% 2. North Western European potato acreage was estimated last week for Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Their acreage is estimated to be up 4.9%, driven by processing demand, however heavy rains and flooding have been helping to minimize the acreage increase. 3. The Crop Transition Conference in Minneapolis identified a very manageable situation for winding up old crop into the beginning of new crop spuds. more

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