Growing Healthy Potatoes Together

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At the PGA, the Membership benefits from the knowledge and expertise of their peers. Growers play a key role in the decision making process by becoming members of the four Committees which operate within the PGA. These committees assist the Board of Directors by providing feedback and recommendations on the various issues.

Negotiating Committee

The Negotiation Committee negotiates annual contracts on behalf of the Process Growers that deliver a rate of return that ensures sustainability for the Farm and the Processor. Growers have the final say through a vote to approve or reject the new contract terms offered to the committee by the Processor.  Increases to processing contracts also benefit seed growers who make formula-based increase adjustments to their price list.

Alberta Crop Insurance Committee

The Crop Insurance Committee works towards improvements in the AFSC insurance program and coverage for potatoes in Alberta.  Based on feedback from the general membership, the committee focuses on specific coverage that is deemed to be less than appropriate in reference to the risk involved.

Alberta Seed Potato Grower Committee (ASPGC)

The Seed Committee works on behalf of the Alberta Seed Industry at the Provincial, National and International levels. The Committee reviews the cost of production for the recommended seed price list and ensures our industry remains competitive in the market place.  The ASPGC encourages growers to continue with best management practices to produce and maintain the high quality, low virus seed potatoes that Alberta is recognized for. 

Research Committee

Every year 1/6th of PGA service charges collected is allocated to research.  The Research Committee’s mandate is to bring forward grower’s challenges and ideas that could be turned into possible research projects.  These topics are then prioritized and passed on to Provincial, Federal and private industry researchers. Once potential projects are identified by the respective research groups, they are submitted to the committee for review and potential approval.  The Research Committee, in turn, recommends to the Board of Directors which projects warrant approval by the PGA. 

Table Fresh Committee

The Table Fresh Committee is a newly formed group as of 2014. The committee is still in the process of determining their steps in helping create a unified force for table Growers.





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