Growing Healthy Potatoes Together

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Codes of Practice

Producer Members of the PGA are committed to responsible production of potatoes to supply a complex food chain. Potato Producers in Alberta have developed the "Codes of Practice" and are committed to managing their operations in accordance with these codes. These codes identify desired results and define actions expected of producers.

The seven codes are:

  • Food Safety
  • Food Quality
  • Identity Preservation
  • Agronomy and Pest Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Farm Safety
  • Human Resources

Codes of Practice Mission Statement

The role of Alberta’s potato producers is to supply high quality, safe potatoes to consumers throughout the world while preserving the land and environment and while protecting our families and workers.

Primary Aim of these Codes of Practice

The Potato Growers of Alberta have prepared these Codes of Practice to help them:

  1. Direct production management and decision making as they affect workers, customers, consumers and the environment.
  2. Protect workers, customers, consumers and the environment.
  3. To assist in the development of Alberta’s potato industry by responding to challenges of the food chain and demands of consumers.
  4. Communicate their philosophy of production and management to the public.


Potato growing is complex and requires both technical knowledge and management skills. Potato producers must apply this knowledge and skill to ensure profitable yields of quality potatoes for the fresh, processing, or seed markets.

Despite the harsh economic realities of primary production, the food chain is ultimately driven by consumers who increasingly want to know more about how their food is produced.

Producers, like all members of society, also want to preserve land and water resources for future generations and accept their responsibility toward environmental sustainability.

Producers accept that it is their responsibility to protect their own health and safety and that of their families, their workers and that of their neighbours and members of their communities.

These Codes of Practice acknowledge the need of potato producers to remain economically viable and contribute to value-added production in Alberta, now and in the future, while protecting workers, consumers, land, water and the environment by applying practices outlined in these codes.


Without limiting the specific results outlined in each of the seven Codes of Practice, following are the general results expected from application of these Codes. Actions of potato producers will result in the production, creation or use of:

  • Safe potatoes and potato products
  • High quality potatoes and potato products
  • An Identity Preservation Program
  • Best Management Practices for Agronomy and Pest management
  • Sustainability of the environment including land and water resources
  • Safe farm work places, and;
  • Productive and well cared for farm employees

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