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Benefits of Membership

The PGA’s mandate is to assist our growers to be successful in their individual businesses and provide support to the Potato Industry in Alberta.  Membership in the PGA gives you access to a number of services, valuable information, and networking opportunities including the following:

  • Access to agronomy and other pertinent information from PGA staff specialists including our Seed Coordinator and Technical Director.
  • Marketing of Alberta potatoes to new and existing markets, nationally and internationally.
  • The PGA initiates and funds industry research and development and communicates findings to our Growers.
  • The PGA provides assistance to establish an “On Farm Food Safety” program offered through Canadian Horticulture Council (CHC) which is required by Processors and Retailers. Audio-Visual materials and signage for farm employees are available at the PGA office in three languages, English, Spanish and Low German.
  • Environmental Farm Plan and CanadaGAP educational sessions are provided to our growers to keep their program materials current and registered with the Processors and  Government.
  • For Seed Growers - annual Post Harvest Testing, Trade Missions, Seed Directories and updates on technology and pest management.
  • No cost to attend our semi-annual “Area Meetings” in both the North and South areas which provide education and learning opportunities for growers so they can access the latest research, industry knowledge and trends.
  • Annual Alberta Potato Conference & Trade Show held in November each year at alternating central locations gives our growers a chance to network, enjoy motivational speakers and entertainment, specialists’ findings in research, as well as the latest in equipment, technology, and business services for our growers.
  • National updates at our Annual United Potato Growers of Canada (UPGC) Partner’s Meeting in February of each year.
  • Participation in our North Area Field Day provides informative speakers along with the Provincial and Federal field variety trials.
  • Participation in our South Area Field Day every August provides information on potato varieties, new technologies and innovation.  
  • PGA published materials including our weekly “Friday Facts”, and our monthly “Potato Minute” newsletter provide communication to our members on PGA events, current industry information along with staff updates.  The PGA Annual Report is published every November to coincide with our Annual Potato Conference.
  • The PGA has established four committees to focus on key areas, specifically; viable research projects, seed sector issues, improvements to Crop Insurance, and price negotiation and supply contracts for our growers.
  • Advance Payment Program through AAFC allows our members to take advantage of interest-free loans up to $100,000.00.
  • Promotion of your business through listings in our Membership Directories on this website and included in other published materials such as our Seed Directory.      
  • Networking opportunities including our Annual Golf Tournament each July.
  • Weather reports, aerial photos, disease and pest alerts, and planting and harvest records.
  • Printable and condensed list of benefits of here

The PGA Board and Management have a close working relationship with Provincial and Federal Government officials who enable our voice to be heard when concerns and issues arise.  The PGA works relentlessly to protect our growers’ interests in the marketplace and is the watchdog for the Alberta Potato Industry.  

The PGA's Vision Statement and Core Values revised 2014 - Click here

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