Growing Healthy Potatoes Together

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Alliance for Potato Research and Education

APRE was formed to unite the potato industry in a quest to educate consumers and others about potatoes and french fries as an enjoyable part of a healthy and balanced diet.

The Alliance is building a body of scientific research to support potato and french fry nutrition, and will use this information to educate the public that, when consumed in moderation, fries can be part of a healthy choice.

 Processors in Alberta deduct 1/2 a cent per cwt from grower shipments to go towards this research component.  The following is information presented by this group on their findings. 

Known Facts about Potato Consumption among School Children

Find out more on their new website launched June, 2012

French Fries a significant source of OLEIC ACID?!  ( A desireable monounsaturated fat found in Olive Oil?)   Read the full story here




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