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Staff of the PGA

 The Potato Growers of Alberta employes six full- time staff. 

The dedicated employees of the PGA work very hard to support all Alberta Potato Growers. Our commitment is to promote the Alberta Potato Industry as best we can in development, production and marketing. We encourage dialogue with all PGA Members and welcome grower input on all PGA Policies and decisions.

Terence Hochstein - Executive Director                                         

Terence started his career at the PGA in July, 2011.  As a farm owner himself, Terence is very tuned into the needs of our Growers, Processors and Industry Associates. He also represents the PGA on Provincial and National Boards, where he continues to share and gain valuable knowledge.   Terence believes in the need to pass it on, and continues to be instrumental in the PGA's participation in donating back to the community, such as with our Field Trial give-away and Cornfest every August, where all proceeds benefit local organizations.   Terence was promoted from Technical Director to Executive Director in March, 2013, as a result of his commitment to the PGA, and his unquestionable ability to represent Alberta Potato Industry on a Nation and International level. 
Deb Hart - Seed Coordinator            
Deb has been with the PGA in her current position since May, 2004 and is stationed at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Crop Diversification Centre North, located in Edmonton.  Deb works closely with the seed growers, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to ensure the Alberta seed potato industry continues to thrive.  She also represents the provincial and national industry on many committees and working groups both within Canada and internationally.


Patti Lamb - Assistant to the Executive Director
The title of Executive Assistant is a very small part of Patti’s role with the Potato Growers of Alberta. In fact, Patti is the glue that holds us together and is the PGA go-to person! Patti started her career with the PGA on October 16, 2006, just in time to complete the final details for the AGM!  She is our lady in charge of your questions for the annual Golf Tournament, the Potato Conference, and PGA Licences, but can also answer most of your inquiries herself, or will find someone in the office who can. She also takes care of our Board of Directors’ needs.  We’d be lost without her!

Wendy McDonald - Financial & Communications Administrator               
Wendy joined the PGA in May, 2011 as the Accounts Clerk, but was promoted to her current position in August 2011. Wendy prepares our monthly publication of the Potato Minute, and weekly Grower only publication the Friday Facts, the Annual Report, and manages the PGA Website.  She is also the Office Manager, responsible for the PGA financials, payroll, preparing the annual budget to name only a few of her responsibilties. Since 2015, Wendy was also on the PGA History Book Committee, which planned for both a history and cook book to celebrate the PGA's 50th Anniversary in 2016.  She has been thrilled to be part of this project, and contribute to writing a few chapters for the book. 

Cindy Fletcher - Accounts Clerk & Promotions Coordinator
Cindy stated with the PGA in August, 2011 part-time as the Accounts Clerk. Her job at the PGA consists of the day to day AR and AP, and she also helps administer the Crop Advance program, and compiles plani information for Government reports.   Cindy does a lot of the searching out and purchasing of promotional items, and she registers and attends trade shows on behalf of the PGA. She truly has a “gift of gab”, loves to talk to consumers and students about potatoes, and so we extended her title to include Promotions Coordinator. As a former Teacher's Aide, Cindy is also in charge of Aggie Days Events, and sits on the advisory group for the Lethbridge Aggie Days. Both the staff and the PGA growers are fortunate to have Cindy's contribution of her many talents to our organization.   


Thomas McDade - Agricultural Director

The PGA welcomed Thomas McDade to the team in June, 2017.  Thomas was born and raised on a family farm in Central Saskatchewan, and is still involved with the management of that operation to this day. He has a strong background in marketing and business development, and worked for several years in the cereal seed treatment industry. He also has a solid understanding of how to represent and bring value to the needs of an association's membership, having spent several years working with member-based marketing and professional associations. Thomas will put his expertise to good use, managing the PGA Research program and offering extension services to our growers.   

Please contact any one of the staff members listed below for information or to give us feedback.

Patti Lamb

Executive/Administrative Assistant

Deb Hart

Seed Coordinator

Terence Hochstein

Executive Director
(former Technical Director)

Wendy McDonald

Financial/Communications Administrator

Cindy Fletcher

Accounting Clerk & Promotions Coordinator

Thomas McDade

Agricultural Director    




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