Growing Healthy Potatoes Together

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Board of Directors

The PGA Board consists of seven members, two members elected from Alberta North; two members from Alberta South and three members elected at large. The term of office of a member is three years; A Chair and a Vice-Chair of the Board are elected from the members of the Board. A member is able to serve two consecutive terms of office.

Board of Directors

Ed Vandenberg  (Director-at-Large)
Sun Vista Farms Ltd. 
Jake Schutter (South Area Director)
3D Farms J.V.
Michel Camps (South Area Director)
CP Farms Ltd.
Albert Ypma (North Area Director)
A & A Seed Farms Ltd.
Lyndon Nakamura (Director-at-Large)
Nakamura Farms Ltd.
Russ Van Boom (North Area Director)
North Bank Potato Farms Ltd.
Louis Ypma (Director-at-Large)
S.L.M Spud Farms Ltd.



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